About Connemara

Blue Quay Rooms

The perfect getaway. Blue Quay is Clifden’s newest place to stay.  Part of the house is nearly 200 years old [...]

Welcome to Connemara

Welcome to Connemara, a place of contrasts, colours, wilderness and warm welcomes on the west coast of Ireland. From the [...]

Free Connemara Apps

Connemara App for the iPhone and Android Devices ‘Nominated in the Best Tourism App category at the TechGate Awards.’ We [...]

Alcock and Brown

The first transatlantic flight was achieved in 1919 with the arrival of a Vickers-Vimy biplane behind the Marconi wireless station [...]

Connemara Marble

Connemara is bounded on three sides by the Atlantic Ocean and encompasses a wide variety of natural and semi-natural habitats, [...]

The Marconi Station

Guglielmo Marconi caused a communications sensation when he transmitted wireless messages from his station at Poldhu in Cornwall to Newfoundland [...]

Connemara Hill Lamb

Connemara is renowned for its spectacular beauty, rolling valleys, hills and lakes; a region shrouded by the moist mists of [...]

The Connemara Pony

The Connemara Pony is a distinctive breed with excellent qualities. Strong, intelligent and very hard working, the ponies are well [...]

Useful Information

Banks and ATMs AIB Bank, Clifden. AIB Bank, Spiddal Bank of Ireland, Clifden. Bank of Ireland, Oughterard. Keogh’s, Ballyconneely (ATM). [...]

The Corncrake

The distinctive call of the male corncrake, a shy migrant bird of the hay meadows, is described as like a [...]