Letterfrack LandscapeThe Quaker village of Letterfrack was founded in the mid 19th century and occupies a special place in Connemara’s creative and cultural activity. Home to the Connemara National Park, the village is overlooked by Diamond Hill. Diamond Hill is one of the region’s most popular climbs, with well-developed routes to the top, where breathtaking views can be enjoyed.

Letterfrack is a leader in local and community development. It is the home of Connemara Community Radio (broadcasting on 87.8 and 106.1fm) as well as a third level furniture and woodworking college. This adds to the young and vibrant atmosphere of the village for much of the year.

The Connemara Environmental and Education Centre (ceecc.org) holds regular events annually in Letterfrack, including Bog Week (May/June) and Sea Week (October). A lively musical tradition also exists in the village, with regular music sessions and concerts taking place throughout the year.

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