Omey Island Road sign, CladdaghduffOmey Island in Claddaghduff is accessible at low tide every day by crossing acres of firm sandy beach, either in a car or on foot. Simply follow the direction poles in the sand that mark the way across, but be sure to check the tide timetable beforehand as you will be stranded if the tide comes in! Omey Island has a wealth of antiquities. The ruins of Teampaill Féichín (Feichin’s Church), a medieval church built on a 7th century Christian settlement lie close to the north coast. The church was covered in sand until 1981 and it is surrounded by the remains of a semi-sunken village that was wiped out during the Famine. St Feichin’s Holy Well can also be found to the west, just above a rocky inlet. The island is now largely abandoned, with some part-time residents during the summer months. It once supported a population of over four hundred souls. It is however the main burial ground for this region, utilizing an ancient burial ground associated with St Brendan.

Galway Tides (for Connemara add 5 minutes):

Rocks at Omey Island, Connemara

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